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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 26, 2011: And then it snowed

So my last post was in early October, at which point it had gotten rather suddenly cold. And I complained. We actually did get a light dusting of snow a couple days after that. But then it went back to really being very nice out, and we enjoyed a couple more weeks of pleasant temperatures. It was a nice fall, which is something we don't always get here.

And then it really snowed. I'm pretty sure it's the same storm system that's now assaulting the east coast, but it came through here and dumped a fair amount of snow on us. This is a lot of snow for us in October; the temperatures and snow in general aren't unheard of, but this is more than usual.

Click to embiggen pictures.

Our back deck area. And still snowing!

The neighbor's tree leaning over our fence (and the stupid little sumac we can't get rid of, which broke under the snow.)

The tree in the front. The branches aren't normally anywhere near the ground.

Those branches from underneath.

Our husky, Chai.

He looks a little terrified here, lol. He absolutely loves when it snows, though.

Chai expresses his love of snow by shoveling it. With his face.

And it's awesome.

We want him to make snow angels for us.

The snow has mostly melted, now, but is still clinging in the shadows. And we're supposed to get more next Wednesday. I can't wait. (Except it's that other thing, where I hate snow.)

I do have some nice pictures of the autumn color to post though, so I'll try and do that soon. :)


  1. I love it! It's so pretty, but you know me...too much cold for too long is a pain in the ass. Chai is adorable though! He's got this look that says, "ALL THIS SNOW FOR MEEEEEEEEEE?????" LOL

  2. Great pics, You are lucky! I hardly ever see snow like that. I'm glad the dog is enjoying it so much, he must feel hot most of the time with that thick coat, so I bet he just loves the snow!

  3. Tracy - Haha, Chai adores the snow. I'm sure he'll be sad when my dad eventually moves down to Arizona. I'm already tired of winter though, lol, and it isn't even winter yet. I want it to snow in December, and that's it.

    Gabbylou - Thanks! I don't feel so lucky, but I've never been a fan of the cold. :P I'd share the snow with you, if I could. But the dog certainly does enjoy it much more than he likes the summer temperatures.

  4. Doesn't it snow in some places in AZ at least? I've never been there, so I have no clue. LOL