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Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3rd: It's snowing! Again!

This time around, local news is making a Big Deal out of the snow. I'm not really sure why... it's a pretty big storm, and it's dropped a lot of snow and hasn't stopped yet, but... well, it's winter in Colorado. And it's not like we've gotten six feet or something.

But still, it's quite a bit:
Our back patio.
And OH YEAH. The other main news that's tangentially related to this blog: we got another dog! Chai, the husky, is really my dad's dog, and will probably eventually move back in with him. But Alex and I recently adopted a pit bull from a local shelter. His name is Cyanide. (Because pit bulls are so deadly! Get it?) And he's super sweet.

This is Cyanide.
He and Chai have had fun playing in the snow. These aren't the greatest pictures, as they're actually screengrabs from videos I took of them, but:


"You have snow on your nose."

Rearing dog!
And if you'd like to see the videos these were taken from, I'll stick them in below. It's just a pair of videos of the two running back and forth and playing.

Despite the media's claims, I don't think this is quite Snowpocalypse or Snowmaggedon. Still glad I had the day off from work, though. :P