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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

June 30/July 1, 2012 - From Colorado to Maryland

For the first week or so of July, Alex and I were on vacation to Maryland.

We left on our roadtrip on June 30. Sadly, it was a trip that couldn’t last nearly as long as we both wanted it to, and far too much of said time had to be spent on the driving to and from, but it was still wonderful to get away.

A drive to Maryland from Colorado is pretty serious. Google maps tells me that it’s 1,652 miles from my city to the one we stayed in.

Now, we decided to drive straight through, switching off driving and sleeping. This worked well for the first few states. Then something pretty awful happened, which I won’t go into anything more about, but after that we… didn’t switch driving anymore.

We still made pretty good time, arriving very early in the morning (I think around 2 or so?) on the 2nd.

I didn’t take many pictures on the trip out there, but here are the few I did grab.

We stopped at a rest stop in Kansas for a leg stretch:

Welcome to Kansas!

There were actually a lot of butterflies around.

Baby swallow!

And partway through Kansas (HOW LONG IS THIS STATE?!) we picked up this: a sustained temperature reading. 108, seriously?

In Missouri, I tried and failed to get a picture of the St. Louis arch:

Nighttime is not conducive to pictures from a moving vehicle, unfortunately.

And in Illinois, I took a picture of the Effingham giant cross:

Feel that religiosity. (Alex may be the only one who fully understands why Effingham, IL is a comical thing to us. But it is.)

We got lost in Pennsylvania for a little while, after we failed to take an exit we should have, so we were delayed for an hour or so trying to find a town with a population in even the triple digits, but we came through all right, reaching our destination in the very early morning of July 2nd.

And I do promise that the rest of our trip was a little bit more exciting than this!


  1. What a lovely butterfly! And what a scarily huge cross. Yikes!

    1. The butterfly was awesome. There were a lot of them at the rest area; sadly most weren't willing to post nicely.

      And yeah, scary cross is scary. Srsly.