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Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 2, 2012 - Lazy(ish) Day

After driving over 1500 miles in less than two days, with little sleep, we didn’t do a whole lot on the 2nd.

You may have heard about the massive and destructive storms that hit the Washington DC area. (You also may have forgotten about them by now.) We were there just after those. Luckily, the friends we were staying with had their power restored just before we arrived, though a lot of people weren’t so lucky, and were without it for days longer.

We slept pretty late, and then hung around the house for a while. I found this cute little bug flying around the house:

I know I found some of these guys when we were there a couple years ago, and I think they were called grapevine beetles, or something like that. They’re related to June Bugs, but bigger and a little more interesting looking.

And we spent time with the dogs:

This is Orion, one of their two dogs. He's a super sweetheart.

And here are all three dogs waiting at the door. Orion, Raki, and Cy. I like this picture of them.

We spent some of the day driving around, and some of the day sitting in a Starbucks enjoying their AC and wifi. I’d be content to just drive around for a long while out there… It’s shocking to me how green everything is. It’s beautiful.

Later that evening, Alex and I went riding. It was pretty late though, so it got dark before we got to do much. I rode Bebe, who is… a cylinder. Seriously chunky horse, haha. My hips and inner thighs were feeling it for days. The saddle I was using also kept slipping me to the left.

Del got this one picture of me on her, and you can see the moon rising behind me. It was a little dark, so the picture isn’t super great, but I like it anyway. And Alex rode Lasair, though we didn’t get a picture of them.

After that, we just spent time around the house.

One of the cats, Electa, came up to me this time, which surprised me. She was disinterested in me last time.

This is a better picture of their new dog, Raki. He’s a “border-hound” they think; border collie and unspecified hound. He’s also super obnoxious and attention seeking, but sweet.
The moon was either full or near-full:

And this is what happens when you try to use my camera’s lowlight setting without a tripod:

This is a little exaggerated, but yeah... I need a tripod.

As always when I get to stay someplace at least sort of rural, I love checking out the bugs that come to visit the light at night. We didn’t get any super astounding visitors, but we still had a few worthwhile guests.

My little grapevine beetle (or one like him) came back to visit.

And this cute little stripey moth.

And then once we got inside, we found this guy patrolling outside our door:

I love praying mantises.

And Cy always has the ability to act long-suffering and exhausted, even when he’s gotten to spend the whole day doing nothing.

Alex was tired, too.

Sleepy dog.

I was a little sad that we didn’t do more this day, since we had so little time to spend there, but I think it was for the best. I think we would have been too tired to really enjoy doing anything too involved. But starting the 3rd, we were a lot busier each day!


  1. Awwwww! Sleep adorable dog is sleepy and adorable! Those are some good pictures.

    1. Cy is pretty adorable. He didn't have much of a reason to be so sleepy, but he acts like he suffers anyway.


  2. Medwyn and Katie always crashed out when they had to be in the car most of the day. Even if they slept IN THE CAR the whole time. Tam is usually energetic when we get TO Taylor, but when the trip up there is over and we get home, he pees, eats, drinks some water, and then passes right out, and I usually have to wake him up to make him go out for a longer bathroom walk.

    1. I was really happy with how good Cy was. He slept most of the time, but just in general was quite good. A couple times when we stopped overnight in a rest area to sleep, he'd wake us up barking, but I think it was just to let us know that there were people around.

      But yeah, he slept basically the whole way, and then acted like we'd been torturing him by not letting him sleep the entire next day.

      Though he was overly excited to have the other dogs to play with... Cy is generally quite good, but he doesn't understand "dog" very well, so he sometimes doesn't back off when he's told to. Nothing bad ended up happening, or anything... About the worst was that he went outside and got a much-needed butt-kicking by one of Del's dogs, and Cy ran into the pen with the blind horse Aladdin and his companion mini horse... It could have ended badly, but didn't.