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Sunday, September 23, 2012

July 6, 2012 - Last Day in Maryland

The 6th was the last full day that we were able to spend in Maryland. It was pretty sad for that reason, but we just couldn’t afford to stay any longer, unfortunately. The friends we were staying with went out of town for a few days, while we could be there to take care of the horses and other critters. (They had someone else come after we left.)

Orion has claimed this fan for his own.

Jupiter running toward us.



The above are of Aladdin and Jupiter. Aladdin is blind, from some still-unknown illness he had. Jupiter is a mini horse that wears a bell, so Aladdin has some company.


The true "front" of the house.

Fluffy caterpillar!

He was so cute.

This is Hyperion, one of the other stallions:

It really sucks that there are so many flies around, because otherwise, this would be an awesome picture of him.

Naughty horse, trying to knock over his water tub.

Hyperion loves getting scratched.

Itchy horse.

Some of the other boys coming over to visit.

We went back inside after watering everyone and feeding of some of the boys (we decided to stagger the feedings somewhat.) And we found our mantis friend from a few days before! This time we decided to take him back outside, before he became a kitty snack.

On my arm.

On my camera. *

On my hand. *

Where we eventually let him go.

We had to go and get Alex’s emissions test done, which was actually the real reason we made the trip in the first place. (I mean, the vacation part was the BEST reason, but it HAD to happen so he could get the emissions.)

And we got this bill in change:

It was funny, okay.

Stylish Stoner Washington.

Then we went out and did our main thing for the day, which will get its own post! So that’ll be the next one. (It's awesome!)

The other noteworthy thing, which I didn’t photograph at the time, but have now:

BIRCH BEER. This is not a thing that exists in the west. I’d never even heard of it until Alex told me about it. It’s similar to root beer, but reminds me more of the really super good root beer that I got at a local farmer’s market than A&W or other “regular” root beer. A lot of artisan soda companies say their birch beer has wintergreen in it, so maybe the hint of that flavor is the main difference? I’m not sure, but it’s delicious, and I’m pretty damn bummed that I can’t get it in Colorado! There are nation-wide soda companies that make it, but none of them sell it here, and at least the ones I saw don’t let you order online from them. Bummer.

After that, we headed home to take care of the rest of the horses.


Mitra (who is kind of an asshole.)


Not a horse: a goldfinch!

Odin again, and Cappy.

By the time we got to doing the mares, I was too tired to try getting a good picture of each of them. I got a picture of each, but most are wearing flymasks, and have their heads down to eat. So it’s not that exciting, and I’ll spare you.

But here’s Bebe, the girl I rode a couple days before.
And a group shot of the mare herd.
So we spent some of the evening outside, watching fireflies, taking care of the dog… and I feel something go up my pant leg. It feels like one of those fluffy grass seedheads, but I figure I couldn’t have gotten one of those up my jeans. So I kinda shake my pant leg out a bit, and then forget about it. It’s too dark to really see anything, but I don’t feel anything, so whatever.

We go back inside about twenty minutes later, and I sit down. I go to bend my leg, and I feel something move just underneath my knee. I more insistently shake my pant leg out. And THIS FALLS DOWN MY ANKLE AND RUNS OUT ACROSS THE FLOOR.

That’s a normal size drinking glass, so you have some idea of how big this guy was. (Okay, big for being UP MY PANT LEG AND HANGING OUT THERE.) He didn’t bite me or anything, so I just let him go outside. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and will also eat the mosquitoes that WERE biting me.

Later that night, Alex’s friend Kat came and visited us. I was glad to meet her, since she’s one of his best and longest-term friends. She lives in Virginia, so it was a bit of a drive for her, but we hung out for a while that night and the next morning. It was a shame we didn’t get to do more, but she had to go around her work schedule, and we were leaving the next day. But it was fun.

And here’s Cy eating his own foot next to Kat.

 *These pictures are from Alex's camera.


  1. OMG! I love the butterfly, and I love the mantis on your camera! I think that's the best pic of him. You should enter that one in a photo contest.

    1. Haha, thanks! Alex took that one of the mantis, since my camera was busy at the moment, lol. I love the picture, for sure! I wonder if there are any photo contests that would be appropriate for?