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Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd: Let it Snow

So we're coming to the tail end of the largest snowstorm we've had yet this season. At least it's coming rather seasonally right before Christmas? So hey, internet! Let me show you pictures of snow! And my dog! My dog in the snow!

We made the... questionable... choice to go meet some friends for dinner last night, despite the weather. Getting home afterwards was all kinds of exciting on the slick and untreated roads.

Reflections doing something odd with that light.

The flash shows how much snow was coming down.

Though the Christmas lights look very festive in the snow.
(The green and red window to the left is ours.)

And then we got up this morning:
The snow piled up around the back door.

This is how much snow we got, as viewed on our back patio.

The street in front of the house.

Alex's car. (Don't think we'll be going out today.) Fortunately I have another ride to work.
But at least Chai likes the snow.

Shovel it with your face, dog.

Playing snowplow.
And action shots as he runs!

These are my favorite shots:

And here's a video of him running:


  1. OMG LOTS OF SNOW!!!! And pretty Christmas lights and a very happy, hyper pup! So cute!

  2. He is cute! It doesn't quite make up for how much I hate the cold and snow, but at least it's an upside.

  3. Beautiful photos and cute dog. What a great combination! Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. Thank you! Glad you liked them.

    Greetings back from Colorado! ;)